Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Our Bathroom "Renovation"

Alright folks! The bathroom has a new face. Eventually we will gut the bathroom and do a real renovation, but this will have to do for now. I needed to change it because we painted over the wallpaper originally and it looked bad. Also the trim looked like a yellowish white, which really bothered me. It's amazing what paint can do. Take a look...Before..

Will's going to kill me for putting this up..but it perfectly represents how he feels whenever I want to do a new project, and then he has to help!

So after I tore off the paper, I had to spray it with a cleaner spray and then scrape it stuff. Can't you tell, my fake smile?

Our old stained and cracked sink and yellowing faucet, hated to see that go.

I know it's not drastic, but the white trim and blue walls really make the bathroom feel fresh and new.

I brought the blue behind the cabinets as well, it adds a whole new dimension to the bathroom.

Here's a little sneak peak of the motif...still a work in progress, Im not sure about the black, but I thought it would be the best choice.

Ahhh, new sink, new faucet..much better.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Proud Friend

Well ya'll...I am almost done with my bathroom. Everything is done except for the wall motif, and you will get a sneak peek of the progress tommorrow. It's so so refreshing, as soon as that amazing blue went onto the walls, I immediately felt better. Paint is a powerful thing, I tell ya.

In the meant time...I want to share a few amazing pictures from my friends that do landscape design down in Peachtree City, Georgia, Selective Designs . I am so impressed by their work, and even though the landscaping is waaayyyy out of my league, I still find it inspiring. Man, do I need some serious landscape inspiration/help. Will and I can clear out the mess, but now it's just sitting there, very empty and bare.
Enjoy these impressive views....(They were featured on HGTV!!)

Friday, March 26, 2010


May I just apologize for my depressing post I put up yesterday. Please forgive. I had one day of complete lack of....everything. I feel so much more inspired today, and I think it has a lot to do with a little trip we took to our friendly Hospice store yesterday. We found two sweet twin spindle beds for only $30!!!! Is it completely sad that two old spindle beds could give a person happiness and inspiration? It may be just a little, but this is who I am, I love love love projects! Im an art teacher, I do projects for a living!!! If I don't have projects I wither...whoa, coffee is kicking in.
Will and I have an extra bedroom...that is just awkward to say the least. (random popcorn ceiling, carpeted floors with laminate tile underneath, boo!) It was designated as Will's study, then he gave it to me to plan for a baby's room...WHAT?!!! No..Im not what you're thinking. Eventually, but for now we will use it as an extra guest bedroom. Now, with the new twin beds, the room has a purpose...and I have a project!

Okay, so somehow that project complelled me to redo our hall bath, who knows how that happened. This is my weekend project..the hall bath. Here are my pictures of inspiration, they're from the Southern Living Idea House; really love that magazine!

What? A cherry blossom tree? Yes, my friends..This is my inspiration for my wall motif that I will paint; it will dance along the bathroom wall! Yay!

This will be the color plan for the bathroom...Benjamin Moore, Crystal Springs Blue along with black accents. Love them together.

I picked this image because, well, really..I love it all, but mainly because of the bird painting-SHOCKER! Me? Bird painting..yes, I want to incooporate something similar to this into the bathroom. Oh...speaking of birds, Will and I were enjoying an evening on the backporch, when Will grabbed my arm and said "LOOK!", sure enough there was Ernest flying to ME!!!! Well, not really to me but he flew very close, over our heads and then over the house. Man, I love that owl.

This is another part of the Southern Living room. Does that not just look good or what? Im not real crazy about the green cabinets in the bathroom, but everything else I love.

P.S. Jenni, welcome! Also, I made a promise about a birdhouse and a garden table this week, thats why I wrote the sad post yesterday, I was frustrated that I didn't get it done.

Thank you to my followers for joining and reading. If you want ideas or advise, please don't hesitate to contact me, I would be honored to help!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Help me please..

So...I feel like I need to be resuscitated, I feel so unmotivated today. Tuesday, I was going strong, painting my birdhouse (had a HORRIBLE day at school, but tried not to let it slow me down). Will and I were sitting in the sunroom, he was putting together some Ikea storage boxes for me, and I was painting. I lifted my half gallon of paint by the lid, because I'm very smart, and the bottom fell out, literally. The yellow paint splattered EVERYWHERE; Will and I sat for a few seconds and just stared at each other in disbelief. Needless to say, the projects were put on hold, to clean the rug, the boxes, the floor, etc.

Sorry ya'll I've been busy with other things...I'm a teacher so that takes up a little time, stinky. I wanted to find some awesome inspirational pictures but I am just so not feeling it today...I feel like Im some where out there....

Monday, March 22, 2010

Promises, Promises

Aahhhhh.....Its so nice to come home after a LONG busy weekend. Busy in a good way. I went down to my old stomping grounds, Griffin, Georgia, and then Up to Atlanta for a night out with my girlfriends for their birthdays. We ate at No Mas (doesn't that mean no more-kinda funny for a restaurant name), and then headed over to a very hip place called Two....something.....licks? Two Licks.
Any how....I didn't have time for any weekend projects. I did bring back a sweet planter table that looks like it got pulled out of a sandy beach house. LOVE that look.....I kinda wish I looked like that.

I also brought back my old iron patio set from my parents house that is about to get a facelift.
AAAANNNNDDDD...I am working on a birdhouse!!! I have added two pictures that will give you a little hint as to what I am doing. Give me until Wednesday, okay? Promise.

You love it don't you...I just know you do!

My birds will have the coolest house in town! I wish ol' Ernest Perchingham could fit.....

Here are two before and afters I found today...I picked the first one mainly because I liked the white giraffe. These great before and afters came from design*sponge.

I WILL learn how to recover a chair!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Just Buy a Mirror

Alright, I am finally ready to share my mirror project. After it's all said and done, I believe that it's worth it to just buy a mirror instead of trying to tackle a create your own mirror project. Now, I did snatch a great deal on the mirror, it's a 4'x3' beveled mirror, that cost me only $20 (plus another $70 for all the supplies-that was a shocker, but mirrors this size are expensive) . I thought, well I can paint nice squares on my floor, so I definitly can handle making a frame for a mirror. I did complete the project but it was more of a challenge than I had expected, and time consuming.
Check out the pictures, and I will tell you briefly my experiences along the way.

This is the the mirror; I bought a 5x4 mdf board to support the mirror and the frame.

I bought two styles of trim, I picked a dark bombay stain (yes, bought it mostly because the name sounds really cool) and gave the trim two coats, this process alone took two days because the stain dried soooo slow.
Make a little Jackson Pollock artwork with your glue, the glue takes about 30 minutes-1 hour to dry.

The trim was cut at a 45 degree angle, make sure that when you are using clamps to NOT put the clamps over the mirror part...the mirror will crack, as seen below. Im new at this.

So, here is the final product five days later. Why is it not hanging? Well, because I truely am afraid that I did something wrong and this super heavy mirror will come crashing down. So I am letting it hang out against the wall for a few days to make sure everything is secure.

I will add a shot later with the mirror on the wall...

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Bring Spring in!

Have you seen them? Flowers are blooming, the grass is greener, trees are budding..I really love this time of year! I would bring it all inside my house if I could. I have actually brought in a few flowers that look and smell fantastic! I dont really know the name of the flowers on my dining table but they came from a tree that was planted by the previous owners. People may think that you just bring flowers in when you're having a dinner party, or for a holiday, but I say have them all year, especially in the spring. I want my children to look back and say "do you remember how mom always had fresh flowers?" Thats super cheesy, but Im okay with it.
Great flowers to bring in sweet scents are hyacinth and daffodils.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My New Love

As I mentioned yesterday I found a shop/studio in Greenville that I absolutely adore. I do one day plan to open my own interior design igloo, (Im not clever with words so I typed 'studio' into the thesaurus and they gave me 'igloo'-thought I had to use it!) and the Mayme Baker Studio has truely inspired me!
As soon as I walked in I had to stop to soak it all you ever find yourself doing that..well you will here!
I talked to Mayme's sweet assistant designer, Katie, and she was happy to let me take a few photos of the store. (Im VERY envious of Katie!!!)

Will wanted me to get the squirrel in the glass...which was funny because that cute little squirrel comes from Jonathan Adler....enough said. (Thats why its in a glass case!)
I love the Jonathan Adler Hippo!

Driftwood!! Im crazy about drfitwood right now...and I love the Stray Dog birds. (They need to be in a glass as well!)

If you know me at can completely understand my obssession over this chandelier! I wonder if I could make one....

Will and I love love love these chairs...we thought it would be so funny to have them at each end of our dining table and sit in them while our guests sat in wooden chairs. Like we were royalty!

Color it!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Day Light Savings will be the death of me!

So.....I am struggling. I need 8 hours or more of sleep and I got 5, because I lost an hour. I wish you could have seen my face as I drove to work this morning.

Anyhow, I did actually have a successful weekend...made a mirror ( or framed a mirror-dont know how to make a "mirror"...sorry), painted a painting (there's a better way to say that. Suggestions E?), and bought a nice little dining table and of course decorated it.
I also went to a shop that I can say without a doubt, that if I could live anywhere it would be there....want to know where it is? Well, you'll have to wait until tommorrow, because in my foggy stupor on the way out this morning I left my camera...and I want it to be a suprise.
Also, we are making great strides in our backyard. Word to the wise..DO NOT plant ivy anywhere near your house, it is an evil plant. These images will be coming to you soon as well.

I apologize my friends for not being very inspirational today...I will be better tommorrow.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Birds and Donkeys

This artwork is done by an amazing artist named Nathaniel Mather. He incorporates a lot of meaning and symbolism into his work, which I love because his inspiration is his walk with God. This is evident in most all his work. The birds represent human qualities and characteristics and the donkeys and horses that he uses suggest the strength and beauty of God. How cool?!
Here's what he says about his work..."I am processing what it looks like to paint work that is true, beautiful, and restorative, I want to reflect God's wonder and grace while wrestling with daily struggles and pain."
Im not a huge deep thinker when it comes to painting, just ask my art professors at school (drove them crazy), but I know that God gave me the ability to have a creative/talented hand. So I love to see an artist that is successful and sees God as an inspiration for what he creates, and in turn is inspirational to others, like me.
Im sharing this because I have a project (painting) that I am working on and I found Nathaniel's work, and I really liked it, and I thought maybe some of you would as well.