Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Birds and Donkeys

This artwork is done by an amazing artist named Nathaniel Mather. He incorporates a lot of meaning and symbolism into his work, which I love because his inspiration is his walk with God. This is evident in most all his work. The birds represent human qualities and characteristics and the donkeys and horses that he uses suggest the strength and beauty of God. How cool?!
Here's what he says about his work..."I am processing what it looks like to paint work that is true, beautiful, and restorative, I want to reflect God's wonder and grace while wrestling with daily struggles and pain."
Im not a huge deep thinker when it comes to painting, just ask my art professors at school (drove them crazy), but I know that God gave me the ability to have a creative/talented hand. So I love to see an artist that is successful and sees God as an inspiration for what he creates, and in turn is inspirational to others, like me.
Im sharing this because I have a project (painting) that I am working on and I found Nathaniel's work, and I really liked it, and I thought maybe some of you would as well.

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