Friday, March 26, 2010


May I just apologize for my depressing post I put up yesterday. Please forgive. I had one day of complete lack of....everything. I feel so much more inspired today, and I think it has a lot to do with a little trip we took to our friendly Hospice store yesterday. We found two sweet twin spindle beds for only $30!!!! Is it completely sad that two old spindle beds could give a person happiness and inspiration? It may be just a little, but this is who I am, I love love love projects! Im an art teacher, I do projects for a living!!! If I don't have projects I wither...whoa, coffee is kicking in.
Will and I have an extra bedroom...that is just awkward to say the least. (random popcorn ceiling, carpeted floors with laminate tile underneath, boo!) It was designated as Will's study, then he gave it to me to plan for a baby's room...WHAT?!!! No..Im not what you're thinking. Eventually, but for now we will use it as an extra guest bedroom. Now, with the new twin beds, the room has a purpose...and I have a project!

Okay, so somehow that project complelled me to redo our hall bath, who knows how that happened. This is my weekend project..the hall bath. Here are my pictures of inspiration, they're from the Southern Living Idea House; really love that magazine!

What? A cherry blossom tree? Yes, my friends..This is my inspiration for my wall motif that I will paint; it will dance along the bathroom wall! Yay!

This will be the color plan for the bathroom...Benjamin Moore, Crystal Springs Blue along with black accents. Love them together.

I picked this image because, well, really..I love it all, but mainly because of the bird painting-SHOCKER! Me? Bird painting..yes, I want to incooporate something similar to this into the bathroom. Oh...speaking of birds, Will and I were enjoying an evening on the backporch, when Will grabbed my arm and said "LOOK!", sure enough there was Ernest flying to ME!!!! Well, not really to me but he flew very close, over our heads and then over the house. Man, I love that owl.

This is another part of the Southern Living room. Does that not just look good or what? Im not real crazy about the green cabinets in the bathroom, but everything else I love.

P.S. Jenni, welcome! Also, I made a promise about a birdhouse and a garden table this week, thats why I wrote the sad post yesterday, I was frustrated that I didn't get it done.

Thank you to my followers for joining and reading. If you want ideas or advise, please don't hesitate to contact me, I would be honored to help!

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