Friday, December 18, 2009

Layers, Lights, and Good Food

Im having a Christmas dinner party tonight, so I have been searching for some inspiration. I wanted to share with ya'll some of the great things I found. Along the way I stumbled upon Victoria Amory's beautiful work, she's an amazing event planner and entertainer.

Always a good classic are fruit with a misting of gold or silver spray paint. If you have a magnolia tree or any tree that provides large flat leafs, look beautiful in gold on the table.

Layering pattern and texture and new with old in your setting will guarantee a striking look. I think fresh flowers (prepared the day before), and a luminous candle lit room will set the perfect mood and create a cozy holiday environment.

I found these products that I wish I had because I would use all of them for my Christmas party table setting.

I loved this claw foot serving platter from Anthropologie (of course).

West Elm dessert plates; these have a festive motif, but could be used year round.

Ikat bowl from Anthropologie.

I think every dinner party should have several stations set around the home offering a variety of drinks and cocktails. (Cb2 decanters)

I love this candlescape idea from Martha Stewart. Stack two hurricanes and pour colored water of your choice (preferably red for Christmas) on the outside of the smaller glass and simply place the candle inside and light! Love it! (not like Paris Hilton 'love it')

Hopefully these few items will inspire you as well!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas Tour of Homes: On a teacher's budget

My first attempt at a magnolia wreath-it's harder than you may think!

Okay friends... Here are some pictures of my house all dressed up for Christmas. Is it just me or is a house decorated for Christmas just so much cozier than any other time of the year. I LOVE working hard all day and then coming home, making some coffee, and curling up on that couch (I like to stick my head in between the cushions on the couch so I can just barely see out-it makes me feel one with the environment for some reason!) I can enjoy this for oh, maybe 5 minutes before our cat Dip starts drinking the Christmas tree water and Minnie my dog plops her head in my lap for a scratch on the head. But oh how I enjoy my house for the Christmas season!!!

My mom made this sweet little penguin couple for me and my husband. The one on the left is the girl, that for some reason Will enjoys hugging in attempt to make me jealous. I will tell you, it kind of works!

Now, this blog is titled around decorating on a teacher's budget. This is why I don't have the fancy Christmas china and lovely flowing dupioni silk curtains. Just to clear things up for you...I will have them one day! I will say though, it is fun using everything you can find in your house to decorate with, it makes for a more unique and creative outcome.

I hope you have enjoyed getting a small peek into my home... Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

A little Christmas Inspiration: Part One

Oh how I did not want to do this....but here I am adding pictures of houses and inspiration that I love. I wanted to make it a goal to add only or mostly pictures of my house and my projects. Here's my exscuse....I don't have a nice camera. But I think one might be on the way from sweet santa. So while I wait, I will bring you bundles of beautiful inspiring homes and clever gift ideas that will make us all wish we were a little bit wealthier...or a lot in my case.
I did, although make a square wreath similar to the two in these windows. You will get to see it on The Christmas Tour of Homes courtesy of The Nester, next Monday the 14th!!

I also wanted to show my three followers (I love ya'll!!) these calenders made by Alexa Pool Adams, from PaperVeil. These could be super Christmas gifts (hint to one of my lovely followers) because she gives you options in the ways you can purchase them; by getting the calender customized with dates, standard, or print it yourself!
You can find her at the Etsy Shop:
(Image from coastal living)

Friday, November 27, 2009

It's on the way.....

I know my one follower is waiting on the edge of her seat for my very first blog posting....but not to worry your waiting time will end very very soon. How about a little surcie while you wait? Please spread the word..and happy waiting!!