Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas Tour of Homes: On a teacher's budget

My first attempt at a magnolia wreath-it's harder than you may think!

Okay friends... Here are some pictures of my house all dressed up for Christmas. Is it just me or is a house decorated for Christmas just so much cozier than any other time of the year. I LOVE working hard all day and then coming home, making some coffee, and curling up on that couch (I like to stick my head in between the cushions on the couch so I can just barely see out-it makes me feel one with the environment for some reason!) I can enjoy this for oh, maybe 5 minutes before our cat Dip starts drinking the Christmas tree water and Minnie my dog plops her head in my lap for a scratch on the head. But oh how I enjoy my house for the Christmas season!!!

My mom made this sweet little penguin couple for me and my husband. The one on the left is the girl, that for some reason Will enjoys hugging in attempt to make me jealous. I will tell you, it kind of works!

Now, this blog is titled around decorating on a teacher's budget. This is why I don't have the fancy Christmas china and lovely flowing dupioni silk curtains. Just to clear things up for you...I will have them one day! I will say though, it is fun using everything you can find in your house to decorate with, it makes for a more unique and creative outcome.

I hope you have enjoyed getting a small peek into my home... Merry Christmas!


Elizabeth said...

Oh Nikki how I love looking into your beautiful house!!! Everything is perfect - just as I imagined it! I can even picture you with your head in the couch, and Minnie, with her head right there beside you!

Thanks for posting. Your decorating ALWAYS inspires me!

Kari said...

Very cute! My husband is a 5th grade teacher and I am a school librarian, so I feel your budget pain. :)

The Working Home Keeper said...

Very beautiful!

Brandie said...

Stopping by from the Nester...Love the blog and all of your decorations. I'm a teacher, too:)! Thanks for sharing!