Friday, December 18, 2009

Layers, Lights, and Good Food

Im having a Christmas dinner party tonight, so I have been searching for some inspiration. I wanted to share with ya'll some of the great things I found. Along the way I stumbled upon Victoria Amory's beautiful work, she's an amazing event planner and entertainer.

Always a good classic are fruit with a misting of gold or silver spray paint. If you have a magnolia tree or any tree that provides large flat leafs, look beautiful in gold on the table.

Layering pattern and texture and new with old in your setting will guarantee a striking look. I think fresh flowers (prepared the day before), and a luminous candle lit room will set the perfect mood and create a cozy holiday environment.

I found these products that I wish I had because I would use all of them for my Christmas party table setting.

I loved this claw foot serving platter from Anthropologie (of course).

West Elm dessert plates; these have a festive motif, but could be used year round.

Ikat bowl from Anthropologie.

I think every dinner party should have several stations set around the home offering a variety of drinks and cocktails. (Cb2 decanters)

I love this candlescape idea from Martha Stewart. Stack two hurricanes and pour colored water of your choice (preferably red for Christmas) on the outside of the smaller glass and simply place the candle inside and light! Love it! (not like Paris Hilton 'love it')

Hopefully these few items will inspire you as well!

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