Thursday, December 10, 2009

A little Christmas Inspiration: Part One

Oh how I did not want to do this....but here I am adding pictures of houses and inspiration that I love. I wanted to make it a goal to add only or mostly pictures of my house and my projects. Here's my exscuse....I don't have a nice camera. But I think one might be on the way from sweet santa. So while I wait, I will bring you bundles of beautiful inspiring homes and clever gift ideas that will make us all wish we were a little bit wealthier...or a lot in my case.
I did, although make a square wreath similar to the two in these windows. You will get to see it on The Christmas Tour of Homes courtesy of The Nester, next Monday the 14th!!

I also wanted to show my three followers (I love ya'll!!) these calenders made by Alexa Pool Adams, from PaperVeil. These could be super Christmas gifts (hint to one of my lovely followers) because she gives you options in the ways you can purchase them; by getting the calender customized with dates, standard, or print it yourself!
You can find her at the Etsy Shop:
(Image from coastal living)

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