Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thats right..It's a giveaway!!

Let's continue this celebration, shall we? How about a little Anderson Soap Company giveaway.

Here's what you need to do... head on over to the shop and pick out your favorite soap in a jar scent then leave a comment. For an added chance in winning, become a follower of this blog! This is so easy!
I have the Pumpkin Pie Spice soap in a jar, and it is wonderful! 

Contest ends tomorrow night.. so get on it! 

Monday, November 29, 2010

From one Etsy lover to another

Hey friends...I came home early today with a serious cold. Sneezing was out of control, my middle school students ACTUALLY asked me if I was okay and brought me some tissue! So I'm cuddled on the couch, with the heat on, Minnie at my feet, and the house is lit with Christmas lights, suddenly I feel ALL BETTER!!

Anyhow...I did a little Etsy searching tonight, and found some great gift ideas...am I the only one that finds it SO hard to not buy two of everything and keep one for yourself?! 

Here's the list.....

1. & 2. Blackstar

(For animals and children!!) 3. Kneek

One year Celebration-Flourish Design and Style!

I am so excited about this week! It's been so fun this past year starting my blog, meeting so many GREAT people, getting excited about discovering new blogs, and finding endless amounts of inspiration! I look forward to many more years with Design Blooms! 
I'm starting this week with the amazing Sarah, who always has great things to share! Stick around today and the rest of the week for giveaways and special guests!

Hi everyone! I'm Sarah from Flourish Design and Style here to wish a happy one year anniversary to the lovely Nicole and Design Blooms! Thanks so much for letting me celebrate with you!

I thought I would share three ideas I am planning in my home for the holiday season..

First, this blue and white ginger jar is going to get a grouping of fresh cut boughs-

 I am picking up my paper whites right away to get them started. There are so many fabulous containers to put them in, this year I want glass cylinders!

 I love simple decorations. This vignette below is using shells instead of ornaments in vases and jars.. I love the mix with the ornate lamps and a hint of green in the background-

What's your holiday decorating style?

Thanks so much Sarah!!

Friday, November 26, 2010

House tour for Christmas

Hello friends!  Are you recovering from yesterday like me? Im trying to think of something healthy I can eat for dinner tonight...cornbread stuffing and gravy is not going to cut it!
Anyhow, I've been as busy as a Christmas elf around the house... cutting ribbon, sprinkling glitter, hanging ornaments, and all that other magical stuff.
Before I show you my home tour, I need to tell you about something I'm SO excited about! Next week will be my one year blogiversary, and we have a week packed full of some VERY special guest posts from the following ladies.....

Not only will we be receiving some great inspiration for the Holidays from these ladies, but Design Blooms will be offering a few AMAZING giveaways as well!! Cant wait!

Alright, moving on. Snuggle down into a cozy chair and take a look through my Christmas home tour! Enjoy!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Wear your stretchy jeans!

What a GREAT time of year..I truly love it. I spent my first day off decorating for several hours..now I'm off to bake. I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving! I'll be back on Friday with some exciting news about next week and a tour of my home!! 

Images courtesy of Sweet Something Design and Flickr 

See you on Friday!!!!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Dressing up for the holidays

How do ya'll feel about these vests? I really like them. I need something sassy to wear to a party..I'm thinking this might be the ticket. I loooovvveee vests anyways, and in SC vests are perfect for our mild winters-we don't need the sleeves!

Can you pick out the most expensive one?

The first two are the priciest- J.Crew, $200 and Anthropologie, $198 the last two are Forever 21 for less the $30!! I know my husband might not be attracted to me if I wear one of these, but they're just too cool to pass up.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Color Moods: Mascara for your home

I love mascara, I try not to leave home without it. It finalizes the look, does it not? Black. It's sleek and sexy. It gives a home that explanation point! I love the effects that black has in a room..thats why I've chosen black as my color mood for today!

Soak it in...

Iamges courtesy of Coco & Kelly 

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Blog Love

I have another crush this week...Little Blue Deer. I've been seeing this blog around a lot lately... and every time I popped over to visit, I have always been very impressed. Shari Miller is a graphic designer based in Savannah, Georgia, and she creates some amazing blog designs. 

Aren't these great?! Im a big fan. She also has some very beautiful interior inspiration.

Have a wonderful Saturday!!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Baby on the way

Im sorry...I had to do that. I wanted to get your attention! Im not pregnant, but I know a lot of women that just found out they are! I wanted to find some things that would inspire and  help them out with their nursery planning. So I created a design board for how I would like my future nursery to look. Design boards truely help you see everything put together. Collect all the images/items you would love to see in a room and paste them on one page, and then edit from there!

Walls are Spa from Sherwin Williams

These guys wouldn't fit, but I definitely would add a rug!

Any favorite color combos for a nursery or kids room, I'd love for you to share!