Thursday, November 4, 2010

The old ladder from the art room

I found a little treasure in my art room closet. Yes, I have been teaching for THREE years, and I JUST found something new in a closet! A sweet old ladder, with layers of paint! I love this. I tried to take it apart and do the Pottery Barn look that they have in stores, you know with an old ladder hanging over a table. Anybody know what I'm talking about?
Anyways, I couldn't do it. It's a sturdy old ladder! So I came up with a new idea. I needed a place for all my plants for the winter, and I thought it would do juuuusssttt fine! 

I had it here at first, but it just didn't quite fit.

So I moved it to the sunroom,  and it worked perfectly with my beach vintage look.

Any one else find any sweet treasures lately? Don't forget about the Three Blooms giveaway below! You have until Monday!!

Have a good night friends!


Flourishing Networks said...

I have not found something of my own. Just ideas from the website of doing up industrial furniture. I have displayed on my blog.

A Perfect Gray said...

I love old ladders and this one looks great!

Jenny DB said...

It looks fabulous in your sunroom, good call for sure!

Karena said...

Very cool I love it, you are so creative!!

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