Friday, March 5, 2010

Oh yes-It's the Weekend!!

Have you seen the forcast for this weekend?! Get excited. Spring makes everything seem SO much better. here are my plans for the weekend. I will finalize my hallway renovation! Now, hallways I don't think, get enough credit. You may think, oh it's just a hallway, paint it, throw a runner down and your done. No way, the hallway is just as important as any other room, it deserves credit where credit is due. We travel through them everyday to get to every other place in the house, why not make our walks through a little more interesting?

I also have a few more plans and suprises for my tiny group of followers (I love you!!!) that I will post and share on Monday. Okay, I will give you a is a painting.

Now enjoy these images of inspirational hallways.
Well would you look at that...its an owl!

I think this is a hallway.

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