Monday, March 22, 2010

Promises, Promises

Aahhhhh.....Its so nice to come home after a LONG busy weekend. Busy in a good way. I went down to my old stomping grounds, Griffin, Georgia, and then Up to Atlanta for a night out with my girlfriends for their birthdays. We ate at No Mas (doesn't that mean no more-kinda funny for a restaurant name), and then headed over to a very hip place called Two....something.....licks? Two Licks.
Any how....I didn't have time for any weekend projects. I did bring back a sweet planter table that looks like it got pulled out of a sandy beach house. LOVE that look.....I kinda wish I looked like that.

I also brought back my old iron patio set from my parents house that is about to get a facelift.
AAAANNNNDDDD...I am working on a birdhouse!!! I have added two pictures that will give you a little hint as to what I am doing. Give me until Wednesday, okay? Promise.

You love it don't you...I just know you do!

My birds will have the coolest house in town! I wish ol' Ernest Perchingham could fit.....

Here are two before and afters I found today...I picked the first one mainly because I liked the white giraffe. These great before and afters came from design*sponge.

I WILL learn how to recover a chair!

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