Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Master Bath: Before and After

Okay, Im sitting in my classroom watching the snowfall wondering when they're going to let us go home....hoping they let us go home.
In other news.. I have a before and after for ya'll. It's our master bathroom in case you haven't figured that out by now. The original bathroom floor was carpeted with a "mysterious" stain near the toilet (Im sorry, I know thats a little much, but I NEED you to get the full effect of this bathroom!) The walls were covered in about five feet of fake laminate tile, and the rest was an outdated wall paper. So.. this is what we changed. As for the shower...well, we are keeping it as it is until we can gut it, expand it into the closet in the study and we will tile it. Now that will be a marvelous day, well few days, maybe weeks..but it will be wonderful when that project is complete.
So now...on to the before's....

AND AFTER......Juuussst kidding!!!! This is how it looked before we bought the house. A very very sweet couple built this house, and raised their family in this house. We are honored to live here! But we needed to make some changes.

Aaaannnndddd....After! Tiled floors, fresh paint, bead board, light fixtures, vanity, and assecories!

I've been drawn to numbers lately.....so I thought it would be cute to add numbers to these bathroom jars for cotton balls, q-tips (Will said you spell that cuetips-ha!), and flossy things.

There's an embossed seahorse in the frame you just can't see it in the picture.



Lindsey said...

Nikki! It looks AWESOME! I am so very impressed. My favorite is the bead board. It's perfect! All the colors are very soothing. Now all you need is a big claw foot tub to soak in :-) miss you!

Anonymous said...

Nikki, I love the tile in your bathroom. I've always wanted real tile in mine, but it is so expensive. Did you put it down yourself? Is it hard to do? Can you show me how? Also my husband loves the beadboard. He was very impressed with your work.
I also love owls. My daughter told me I can't buy anymore animal type statues. I have several owl statues. How many do you think are too many? I saw that you have a facebook link. Should I sign up for facebook, or do you think I'm too old? I'm 49. I love your blog. I'm going to have a glass of wine now, in my owl glass!
I LOVE YOU! From your biggest fan, Mom.