Monday, March 8, 2010

My Poor Body

This is what I said as I rolled out of bed this morning. I knew I would be sore after shoveling, and raking, and painting, nailing, and cutting shoe molding. We had a busy weekend, but I feel that it was defintily worth all the soreness I feel now. I am very excited to present to you the final product of our hallway. Here's what we did:
Painted (of course) (Thank you Susannah Wiksell!)
Pulled up carpet (Will)
Sanded floors (Will)
Polyurethaned floors (Will)
Painted trim and ceiling
Changed light fixtures
Added pictures and accessories
(This did not ALL happen in one weekend-we would need a whole crew for that)
Here is our before images:

Now as I was painting our shoe molding on the back porch, I thought "I wonder if our sweet owl is out today" and when I looked up THERE HE WAS, sitting on a tree watching me!!!! He sat there the entire time as Will and I cleaned up our back yard. We decided on a name, Ernest Perchingham, because he is a dignified owl. We LOVE this owl.

Will did all the cutting....on our "sturdy" table.

And I want you to take a moment and really soak all this in..the floor, the molding.. that was a lot of work.

I had to read that poster several times while nailing the molding.

Do you see those shelves, well the small one fell right on my back as I was nailing. So painful. I wasnt the nicest person during this project. Sorry Will.

The shelf in the corner was left in the basement for storage and I just repainted it..gave it new life.

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Lindsey said...

looks great Nikki!!