Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My New Love

As I mentioned yesterday I found a shop/studio in Greenville that I absolutely adore. I do one day plan to open my own interior design igloo, (Im not clever with words so I typed 'studio' into the thesaurus and they gave me 'igloo'-thought I had to use it!) and the Mayme Baker Studio has truely inspired me!
As soon as I walked in I had to stop to soak it all in..do you ever find yourself doing that..well you will here!
I talked to Mayme's sweet assistant designer, Katie, and she was happy to let me take a few photos of the store. (Im VERY envious of Katie!!!)

Will wanted me to get the squirrel in the glass...which was funny because that cute little squirrel comes from Jonathan Adler....enough said. (Thats why its in a glass case!)
I love the Jonathan Adler Hippo!

Driftwood!! Im crazy about drfitwood right now...and I love the Stray Dog birds. (They need to be in a glass as well!)

If you know me at all..you can completely understand my obssession over this chandelier! I wonder if I could make one....

Will and I love love love these chairs...we thought it would be so funny to have them at each end of our dining table and sit in them while our guests sat in wooden chairs. Like we were royalty!

Color coordinated..love it!

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Meg said...

That store does look right up your alley...they should hire you. =)