Friday, March 19, 2010

Just Buy a Mirror

Alright, I am finally ready to share my mirror project. After it's all said and done, I believe that it's worth it to just buy a mirror instead of trying to tackle a create your own mirror project. Now, I did snatch a great deal on the mirror, it's a 4'x3' beveled mirror, that cost me only $20 (plus another $70 for all the supplies-that was a shocker, but mirrors this size are expensive) . I thought, well I can paint nice squares on my floor, so I definitly can handle making a frame for a mirror. I did complete the project but it was more of a challenge than I had expected, and time consuming.
Check out the pictures, and I will tell you briefly my experiences along the way.

This is the the mirror; I bought a 5x4 mdf board to support the mirror and the frame.

I bought two styles of trim, I picked a dark bombay stain (yes, bought it mostly because the name sounds really cool) and gave the trim two coats, this process alone took two days because the stain dried soooo slow.
Make a little Jackson Pollock artwork with your glue, the glue takes about 30 minutes-1 hour to dry.

The trim was cut at a 45 degree angle, make sure that when you are using clamps to NOT put the clamps over the mirror part...the mirror will crack, as seen below. Im new at this.

So, here is the final product five days later. Why is it not hanging? Well, because I truely am afraid that I did something wrong and this super heavy mirror will come crashing down. So I am letting it hang out against the wall for a few days to make sure everything is secure.

I will add a shot later with the mirror on the wall...


Beautifully Inspired said...

I LOVE IT!!! I now want to go make one myself... But I bought a mirror at Goodwill for $2 or I would probably go buy one!


Lindsey said...

It looks great Nikki!

Design Blooms said...

Thanks Nicole and Lindsey-I needed to hear that-I wasnt feeling too great about it after I cracked the corner!