Friday, October 29, 2010

This dresser has new life!!

Here's my most recent finished project. A medallion dresser. I really like this one, lots of character.
Take a look....


Stencil I created for the front of the drawers.

I've been moving him around a bit...I can't decide where I like him best, here....

...or here.
 I'm leaning towards the bedroom for now, since he is a little but shorter. As much as I like this little guy...I have to sell him. He's on my etsy shop as we speak.

 Close up..he looks even better.

Speaking of my etsy shop, Three Blooms, is up and running. Head on over and take a look. We're still in the beginning stages, trying to get our items up. Two things to look forward to...Three Blooms Christmas, and a giveaway next Wednesday, Nov. 3rd!

Have a wonderful weekend! Enjoy the fall weather!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Blog Love's

Oh my heavans, I am still at school. It is 6:30. Let me make this short and sweet. I have something I'm excited about showing ya'll tomorrow! But for now..please take a slow stroll over my blog love's, soak in all the loveliness of these rooms and inspiring ideas for your home. I've already put the linen pouffes on my Christmas list.

Oh! I am so excited about my newest followers-so glad to have you here!!

See ya tomorrow!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Let's Eat!

Tonight will be my first night this week when I will be home in time to cook a nice dinner. I love cooking. It de-stresses me after a long day of being around teenagers...let me stop there! My dog, Minnie and my cat, Dip will follow me into the kitchen, lay down, and watch me cook. Really they do. I think they like the cold tile floor and the smell of food cooking.
Anyhow...I've been in a cooking funk lately...burnt rice, tough chicken, crunchy rice, wasting squash (it went bad in the fridge!), and just very uncreative meals.

I searched around the foodie blog world and of course, found plenty of inspiration!

New ways to spice up average foods, like beans and cucumbers...

I find food just as inspiring as beautiful interiors..what do you find inspiring outside of the design world?

(Disclaimer: Will was not able to proof read my blog, so I may have some misspellings!)

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Belated Monday Moods

Hey friends... I've got aqua for you! I think aqua works SO beautifully with fall colors, don't you? It's best with just a pop in a room, a lamp, frames, or a few pillows, give the perfect pinch of color that truly energizes the room.
 Like here...from Coco & Kelley

Or here at my humble abode...

Or here from some amazing etsy shops...

Berry Island etsy shop

 Made Merry etsy shop

Fairy Folk etsy shop

Sweet's been my favorite for a LONG time now, which means a lot because my favorites change often. What is a favorite of yours?

Sunday, October 24, 2010

I'm Back!!!!

Last week was a whirlwind! We had spirit week at school and I was preparing for the Hatch Market. I had a nice little post put together to explain my absence, but I was even too busy to put that up! I hate just up and disappearing, but I have some lovely things to show y'all!! 
Hatch Market was so fun, we received VERY encouraging words, and met some great people, and also saw old friends.

These are all the things you will be seeing on our Three Blooms Etsy shop which will be up in the next few days...we're adding our finishing touches! Can't wait to show you! 

I also got back in time to add a few fall touches to my home..I'm so happy to be back and free to focus more on my house and blog now!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Monday Moods

Sweet ivory...oh, how I love this color. This has become my new favorite color to use in my home. As an art teacher that loves color, color and more color, I'm suprised at how I am drawn to ivory....especially here, in this amazing J.Crew wedding dress!

This is supposed to be a swatch of ivory but it looks so yellow! I'm going to be a little bit lazy and not change it, but just so you know, I do know what ivory looks like.

I also love these white things as well....(which is ivory's bff)

These are the new collection of plates from West Elm.

(Images courtesy of Pottery Barn, Ikea, BHG, Anthropologie, Etsy

Friday, October 15, 2010

Blog Love's

I've found some beautiful things this week. Im so busy with getting things ready for Three Blooms and a market we'll be in next weekend that I haven't been able to focus on my home at all! It bothers me, but it is so nice to see other's creating such inspiring rooms around the blog world.

If you have some good sources for inspiring blogs, please share! 

 Emily Henson Interiors-top rooms
 Isabella and Max- chair
 Small Stump-flowers
 Plush Palate-bottom rooms