Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Belated Monday Moods

Hey friends... I've got aqua for you! I think aqua works SO beautifully with fall colors, don't you? It's best with just a pop in a room, a lamp, frames, or a few pillows, give the perfect pinch of color that truly energizes the room.
 Like here...from Coco & Kelley

Or here at my humble abode...

Or here from some amazing etsy shops...

Berry Island etsy shop

 Made Merry etsy shop

Fairy Folk etsy shop

Sweet aqua...it's been my favorite for a LONG time now, which means a lot because my favorites change often. What is a favorite of yours?


Raina Cox said...

I never knew I needed aqua bookshelves until this very moment.

Michaela said...

Those earrings are adorable! Love aqua...such a wonderful refreshing color (: