Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Let's Eat!

Tonight will be my first night this week when I will be home in time to cook a nice dinner. I love cooking. It de-stresses me after a long day of being around teenagers...let me stop there! My dog, Minnie and my cat, Dip will follow me into the kitchen, lay down, and watch me cook. Really they do. I think they like the cold tile floor and the smell of food cooking.
Anyhow...I've been in a cooking funk lately...burnt rice, tough chicken, crunchy rice, wasting squash (it went bad in the fridge!), and just very uncreative meals.

I searched around the foodie blog world and of course, found plenty of inspiration!

New ways to spice up average foods, like beans and cucumbers...

I find food just as inspiring as beautiful interiors..what do you find inspiring outside of the design world?

(Disclaimer: Will was not able to proof read my blog, so I may have some misspellings!)

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Ms. Bright said...

I love pretty food, too! I wish I could photograph it better. People that can are truly talented!!