Thursday, October 28, 2010

Blog Love's

Oh my heavans, I am still at school. It is 6:30. Let me make this short and sweet. I have something I'm excited about showing ya'll tomorrow! But for now..please take a slow stroll over my blog love's, soak in all the loveliness of these rooms and inspiring ideas for your home. I've already put the linen pouffes on my Christmas list.

Oh! I am so excited about my newest followers-so glad to have you here!!

See ya tomorrow!


s|c|s|d said...

YEAH! ps. I'm loving those white pumpkins with the creepy crawlers this year ... if only there.was.more.time.

Michaela said...

Those pumpkins are so cute and the checkered floor in the 2nd picture is amazing! Are you in school for interior design?? So am I!