Monday, October 18, 2010

Monday Moods

Sweet ivory...oh, how I love this color. This has become my new favorite color to use in my home. As an art teacher that loves color, color and more color, I'm suprised at how I am drawn to ivory....especially here, in this amazing J.Crew wedding dress!

This is supposed to be a swatch of ivory but it looks so yellow! I'm going to be a little bit lazy and not change it, but just so you know, I do know what ivory looks like.

I also love these white things as well....(which is ivory's bff)

These are the new collection of plates from West Elm.

(Images courtesy of Pottery Barn, Ikea, BHG, Anthropologie, Etsy


Chassity (Look Linger Love) said...

Beautiful post.

Jennifer said...

That J.Crew dress IS amazing! Love! Great post!

Karen@StrictlySimpleStyle said...

I love the plates, I haven't been to West Elm in a while, I'll have to stop by for a visit.