Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Uplifting for my design soul!

So.. as you may know, we were at the beach last week. It is now Wednesday of the following week and we are STILL not home!!! Here's the scoop. We got home on Sunday around 11.. so excited to be in our house, and start some projects!! We were in our house no more than 5 minutes when we discovered that our house was infested with bugs!!!

We are clean people...

I don't know how this happened...I guess not being there, cleaning and they just multiplied. So So disappointing! Anyhow, it's being treated, but we haven't been back and I haven't been able to do ANY projects! I need some uplifting in my design soul, so I found these inspiring images... with lovely colors, bold patterns... and layers and layers of texture.

I hope these make you happy as well!

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