Thursday, June 10, 2010

My first tiny summer project

So I am four days into my summer break and this is all I have to show for myself. I'm not off to an amazing start. I was hoping to have my kitchen renovation under way by Monday, but since Im depending on my parents to come up and help, we have to work around their schedule. Boo. Now, after working through the calender, it's looking more like the week AFTER the 4th of July weekend. In Nikki Terry Merrell years, that is A LOOONNGGG time to wait. Oh well, here's how I look at it...I will start on the second guest bedroom and closet in the mean time. Ha! Nothing will slow me down.
This week I found a little inspiration, again, from Coastal Living magazine and started my jellyfish series. It's a fun start to a fun summer. If you like them so much that you have to have one or two, or THREE, just let me know, I can whip a few up for you. Same sizes, and their painted on wood, which makes them even more charming. $10 each!


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