Wednesday, June 2, 2010

As you already know, I changed our guest bathroom recently, by adding crisp blue paint, trim on the mirror, and a cherry tree mural on the wall, and now my most recent addition to the bathroom...a little message board on the door. The idea came to me over the weekend, we had a lot of chalk board paint left over from the kitchen and I really wanted to incooporate it somewhere else in the house; somewhere you wouldn't expect it. I know creating chalk board areas in the house aren't exactly shocking and unique ideas these days, but..they're just so fun! Its always nice to have a place to jot down a quick note for that special someone. For example, last night I wrote the note on the door, getting it ready to put on the blog today, and Will walked in and read it. He said " that to me?" So sweet, of course, I said "suuurrreee." goes so well with the bathroom color scheme.


Otay Buckwheat said...

Hi Nicole! I love your stuff!! I have been DYING to use chalkboard paint in my kitchen, but I love what you've done on the door. I actually posted pictures of my kitchen on my blog ... would you take a look & let me know if you would ever dare using that much black?

Mina said...

I love this idea! great blog too!