Thursday, June 17, 2010

Inspirational 'Pieces'

I don't know about ya'll but I pretty much live for projects and giving old things new life. So you can imagine my complete joy when I was walking back to our beach house and I spotted this little lady laying by a trash pile. I looked at Will and said "Do you know that it would be such a miracle if that was actually an old rattan beach chair?!" I love finding little treasures like treasures! And better yet, I love having a man with me that will pick up the "trash" and carry it back for me!

One woman that I just find so resourceful and creative is Lee Kleinhelter, the founder of Pieces. She finds unique items and reinvents them in very beautiful ways! She was also just featured in the most recent Lonny magazine.
So here's my newest find.... can't wait to work a little magic!

Here are some items I love from Pieces in Atlanta.

Here are a few fabrics that I'm eyeing for the chair. They're from and their all under $9! I am really liking the chevron pattern lately.

This would be SO cute for a baby's room! Maaayyybbbeeee.....later.

This fabric I adore....

Here's my advice.. get out there and explore the neighborhood, yard sales, hospice stores, and the side of the road! I recently stopped by a lady's house that had a rattan settee in her front yard, just to ask, and she gave it to me!! Reinvented furniture is SO in. I once read that if a piece is old and has not been redone, (painted, sanded, stained, etc.) then its most likely a good find.

Any other advice out there? I would love to hear your thoughts!

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