Friday, July 2, 2010

I've waited a whole year for this!!

So where in the world have I been?! I am so glad you asked...I have been in serious demolition mode since this past Monday. Will and I bought our lovely home a little over a year ago, and I have wanted to tear apart our kitchen since then... and now the time has come. I have been having SO much fun. I have torn down my first wall, and I smiled the entire time. We have torn out cabinets and ripped (slowly) up two layers of very very old laminate flooring. We were SO excited to find wood floors under the laminate to only be let down again when we discovered that glue had pretty much ruined the wood. Thats okay though, we've got a back up plan....TRAVERTINE!
Now a few months ago I drew up a floor plan for our kitchen. It opens the kitchen up and introduces new seating and more workspace! I'm shooting to have it all done by next Friday!

Here's where we are right now... the wall is down, cabinet doors are off, and floor is up... we are waiting on some fresh paint, granite countertops, new light fixtures, and travertine tile floors. Here's pictures of our progress so far......

Here's the wall that is going down!

I had to razor along the edge to get the crowbar in and take the trim down.

It's gone!!! We also moved the island to the middle of the room... before it was just a cabinet but to save money we turned it into an island.
Yeah he was smiling then, but 30 minutes later that pretty smile was long gone... that is some tough stuff to get up!
Then I had to take over....

So demolition is over, now we have to put it all back together! Stick around for more updates!


Lisa said...

Demolition is so much fun! Looks like the new improved kitchen will be great. Can't wait to see it.

Beautifully Inspired said...

We are also in the process of getting a new kitchen... I was hoping our demo would be done by now, but it's not :( Looks like you two had a blast!!!

Design Blooms said...

Thanks-It has been quite an experience. Really ready for it to be done!

luluvillage said...

That's some heavy work- and the result looks great- saw your new kitchen at the top- warmer, cozier, lovely!