Thursday, July 29, 2010

I'm going in the record books people!!

Yeah that's right... they're adding me to the books! My title? The South's Slackiest Blogger. I don't even believe "slackiest" is a word, but they're putting me in there, that's for sure!

I haven't even looked at my blog for the past two weeks because I feel so terribly guilty. I do although, have some freshly completed projects that I am very proud to show off today! But first, I want to share a little update on my kitchen project. The kitchen is a go friends, that's right I am done, done and done! Its funny what your body goes through when doing a major project like night I woke up literally with a fever, cold chills and all because of the junk we were pulling up with the floor, and my nose has NOT quit running because of all the dust we stirred up! But it was SO worth it. I will leave you with the entire list of what we did, what we payed, and how we did it on Saturday.

This past Monday I visited a new client in Charleston, and completed a bathroom renovation! This client is my sister (in law) Susannah Wiksell! Does that count?

Here's what we did with her entry way powder bathroom.

With small bathrooms, especially powder rooms, you want to make a bold statement, and that's what we did by painting the walls a bright and rich turquoise and adding gold floret stenciling.

And after...

For the stenciling, I drew out the pattern on board paper and cut out a small and large flower. These were traced randomly on the walls and painted with gold acrylic paint. I added a little special touch to some of the flowers to give an added interest to the wall.
We spent around $30 for this entire project, by using accessories from around the house for the finishing touches, and only spending money on paint and a brush!

So small a price for such a dramatic change!

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