Sunday, August 1, 2010

New Kitchen Reveal!!

Okay, if you don't know we have been working on a kitchen renovation for the past four weeks. Lets take a venture down memory lane, shall we?
This is how it looked for about a year...

How refreshing is a new kitchen?!! I feel like a food network host every time I cook! (However, a dog and a cat don't make the best audience.)

Cost break down:

Labor... $0 (we did it, along with my parents)
Flooring (hardy backer board, mortar mix, grout, tile)....$1000 (Floor & Decor)
Counter tops (granite).....$2000
Appliances (dishwasher and stove).....$1100
2 Light fixtures.....$50 (Scott's Antique Market)
Backsplash....$50 (Floor & Decor)
Paint (ceiling, cabinets, and trim)....$45
Grand total...$4571!!
(We will eventually add a new refrigerator to that total)

Changes we made:
Knocked down wall between main kitchen and breakfast area
Tore up flooring
Sanded and painted cabinets
Replaced existing countertops
Moved fridge and added cabinet
Changed fixtures
Updated hardware
Updated light switches
Added microwave cutout

Let me know what your think..opinions or suggestions?


Ben and Emily said...

Looks like a million bucks! Y'all did a great job!

:) emily

E said...

Seriously? You are amazing! PLEASE come to my house! It is absolutely beautiful!

Christina said...

Incredible! You are an inspiration!

Design Blooms said...

Wow! Thanks ya'll...I love to hear the positive feedback! consultation with your name on it!

Meg said...

That looks so awesome! You are truly talented! Now, since I know you check this - call me back! =)

luluvillage said...

Awesome! And you did all of this yourselves?- very impressive!

Design Blooms said...

Thank you! Yeah along with my parents!

Emily said...

Wow! Your kitchen looks AWESOME Nikki! I will take you up on the free consult offer:)

Julie Lortz said...

STUNNING!! you are a creative genius! i can't wait to hire you.