Saturday, August 14, 2010

Color combos that work!

There is a science to color combinations...I teach it everyday to my students. When certain colors are mixed or combined in the right environment and dosage, they can create beautiful harmony within a home.

For example: red and green (you work in varying shades of these colors), orange and blue, yellow orange and blue violet, etc.
These are all complementary colors, that will naturally be cohesive in a room. You can use these colors as building blocks for a room, but it's when you start pushing the envelope in these color categories that things get real interesting.

I've selected a few images of rooms that successfully portray unique yet complementary color combos.

This first one was chosen mainly for the little smiling pup that melted my heart!

Light seabreeze turquoises with white washed wood and creamy white trim.

Yellow, blue, and aqua really sing when they are together.

Deep orange paired again with white washed walls.

A cream almost champagne beige works wonderful with a pale soft blue.

Any more suggestions on successful color combinations? I would LOVE to hear your thoughts.

(*Images courtesy of Kat Burki, Suzan Fellman, Elsa Soyars, and Mabley Handler Interior Design)

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Bromeliad said...

I like almost any color paired with grey.