Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Day 8

It hurts to fingertips are hurting from a long day of tiling and we're only half way through! I was a little slow laying on the mortar..I wanted it to look pretty (my inner artist was coming out again!) But today I'm ready to go, we're in the home stretch...well, as far as the tile goes.
We've got a beautiful 12x24 travertine from floor and decor outlets. This is a GREAT resource for flooring..check it out if you have flooring projects.
Now I've got to give props to my very handy parents (they do this for a living) that are up helping me with all this....laying tile, building walls, adding trim, cutting doors....ewww, so much work.
Here's a little advice if your planning a project like prepared to be a little overwhelmed, know that your house WILL be dirty and dusty, plan to eat dinners cooked in a microwave, ALWAYS have a crowbar and hammer near by, your hands and back will be a little sore, and make LISTS!!!!
Can't wait for ya'll to see the finished project...I can't wait to see it too!


Susannah Wiksell said...

Wooo! Keep the updates coming! I'm on the edge of my seat!!!!

Anonymous said...

Ooo - I love that Tile! Especially the larger size and not the typical square. Looking Good!