Monday, January 2, 2012

I miss J.Crew

I used to work at J.Crew until recently because things became too stressful with decorating, teaching and blogging, so I had to let it go. I miss it so. I honestly didn't shop anywhere else. That's probably not healthy but what's a girl to do? Everytime I would go into work I would get so inspired, and think up new ways to wear the clothes I already had. Now that my little inspiration source is gone I needed to find new places, and my very favorite place right now is...

I'm in love with this girl. She posts pics each day of her very amazing attire, and she's truely creative.


Carly {a simple affair} said...

Couldn't agree more. She always has something up her sleeve.

Hope you had a great weekend ringing in the new year!



Shorely Chic said...

Thank you for the introduction, I am officially obsessed with Atlantic-Pacific :)

Liz @ Shorely Chic

Bromeliad said...

I am constantly getting ideas from J.Crew's website. Also like Bee and her creative getups.