Monday, January 9, 2012

New additions

I finally found a bench to add to the end of my bed, and the best part is that it was free! It was an old green bench that was sitting on my mom's front porch, and she FINALLY gave it to me! Every time I went home I'd think about how good it would look at the end of my bed.
I painted it aqua to match the accent colors in my room, but I think it might be too bright.
I'm thinking a little sanding and staining might be the trick.
What do you think?


Dana Frieling@ Make Them Wonder said...

Super fun and cute! It looks like it ties in your flower picture perfectly.

Holly said...

I think it's perfect. It looks very similar to the color in the piece of art to the right above your bed. I love it!

Kellie Collis said...

It would look lovelier with a fresh paint! That would be an exciting project. Have a delightful day, Kellie xx

Jessica Rowe {The Aestate} said...

Can't beat free! And I love that it came from your mom's house, so there's a personal connection. Love your bedroom! Did you DIY that awesome pelmet box??