Monday, January 23, 2012

Color Moods: Au Naturale

When I started this blog I was alllll about the bright and bold colors, but things are changing. Don't get me wrong those colors are still near and dear to my heart. Maybe its my old age (I'm trying to prepare myself for the looming 3-0), but I am so drawn into the more soothing calming hues, like gray, khaki, and white. Colors from nature.

I find it easier to go with a neutral wall color, and add in pops of color. When we first bought our house I went crazy with color, I changed our wall colors many times, but the two colors that are still the same are my two neutral rooms.

When searching around for natural toned rooms, I came across a super amazing stylist, James Leland Day. I picked his more subtle pictures, but check out his others, especially his Bleu section. Gorgeous.

I added the punch of mustard yellow to the list of neutrals, it adds some vibrancy to the line up, but still keeps it within the same color zone.

This was my favorite room. Here's what draws me in, the two wood toned paneled walls, the metal and leather chairs, the round wood strip chandelier, and the large black and white artwork.

Images 1,2,3,4 & and 5 are from James Leland Day

Love this one from the blog Cottage and Vine, the dark gray walls and the cozy linen slipcovered chairs create such a welcoming environment.

This is one of my favorite color moods. Has anyone every just completely changed the colors in their entire house? I'm slowly doing it room-by-room to a more muted color scheme. I would love to hear how y'all feel about these colors!


Kim@Chattafabulous said...

I am a long time color lover, but I'm finding it to be so effective in small doses against a neutral backdrop!

Shade of Whim said...

what a divine space the black dining room is! love that. beautiful inspiration flooding this post. thank you for sharing!