Thursday, January 26, 2012

The escape place in your home

There is one space in your home that should always be a calming escape from the rest of the world.
Your bedroom..the master bedroom.
Will and I have discussed our bedroom and pondered over why ours isn't so "cozy". We've kept it romantic with reds and blues, we don't keep a tv in our room, and we definitely don't bring bills or just random stuff that collects over time into our room. Sometimes we'll sleep in the guest bed and it's such a treat, we say "eww, lets sleep in the guest bed tonight!"
That's sad. I want going to our bedroom to be a treat. So we've decided that it's the mattress. When I worked for a designer right out of college, I got really sweet deals on things, and the mattress was one of those deals. It's too big for our bed, so we keep it in the guest head is turning up some ideas as I type of ways I can switch out beds and get that amazing mattress into my room!!

There are other ways to bring comfort to your bedroom. You can't go wrong with candles (scented of course), soft throws, shaggy soft area rugs, heavy lined curtains (to keep it dark when the sun comes up, for all you lazies out there!), lighting..a dimmer, table lamps or wall mounted lights.


Colors, of course can bring certain moods to a space. If you want calming like a spa, go for blues and whites.

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There's your soft rugs to comfort your weary feet after a long day at work.

This is our bedroom, we need some kind of shaggy rug..all that hard wood is not cozy!

Jessica Steinberg

I really like the colors of these walls paired with the ivory colored panels and and bed spread.
So dreamy.

What do you add to your bedroom that creates a cozy, peaceful retreat for you?


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