Thursday, December 8, 2011

Color Moods: Decking the halls with green!

My house is full of green right now and I love it! It's such a rich accent, from shoes to velvet curtains. In my home, I have mainly brought green in through plants, because my color scheme doesn't include green really.
But there's something about a room with shades of green that just looks so good!

If you want to use green as a room accent, I'll be back later this afternoon with color combos that work.

Eva Juliet pinterest

Do you use green in your home? Tell me!


Andrea said...

I love green! I saw a kelly green fabric remnant yesterday and I racked my brain to find something to do with it. I may have to go back and get it and hang onto it. Such a rich exciting color.

LeeLee said...

I love mint green. Those shoes are just amazing!

Stephanie {a dash of GLAM} said...

What great inspiration! I love emerald green, its so rich and luxurious.

a dash of GLAM