Monday, February 22, 2010

Here's to you Spring

So-I spent my whole weekend (almost) working on a painting and it turned out horrible. My plans for a post on a new project will have to be postponed. But I did really really enjoy the weather. It made me so happy and excited about spring, and since I have no extra money in my budget for projects for this week (until I get payed on Thursday!) I have decided to dedicate this whole week to wonderful spring inspiration.

Spring deserves more than a week but each day this week I will bring new inspiration and ideas for projects and house decorations...inside and out. On Sunday Will and I sat on the back porch and drank coffee and talked about what we wanted to do in our backyard, so my mind has been on the yard and how exciting the outside can be in today's theme is 'outside' spring inspiration.

Also I have two reveals this weekend....our before and after of the master bathroom and a painted floor project in our front entryway.
Fill large clam shells with small topiary candles for a romatic evening on the porch (not near the shore? They sell these at craft stores!)

Friday, February 19, 2010

Ode to Pregnant Friends

Well it's that time of year when you start hearing the news "I'm pregnant!" I have a feeling that being in a group of mostly married girls around the ages of 26 to 28 (the later would be me...big old stinky 28-in May) we will be getting these calls and emails more and more often.

So in honor of those that are starting their fresh new families I salute you with this post of nusery inspiration! And to those who are dreaming and planning for that exciting time in their lives, this is to you also!

Handmade animals are so special and whimsical-great for baby boys or girls. If you like these, let me know I can make them!!! Your little baby will thank you.
My sweet pregnant friends, soon it will be the time of year for yard sales and spring cleaning, this is prime time for finding those vintage peices that need new life in a cute little nursery. (And a great way to save money because from what I hear you will definitely need it for diapers!!) Painting furniture can give old bookshelves, chairs, and beds a wonderful new look. sister lives in a small house with two little girls and she always needs extra storage. Built in or portable. Like the cute Dwell Studios basket above.

When painting your baby's room its best to use chemical free paint.

This picture is from a cool new blogger I found Kristen F. Davis, her blog is filled with great hand painted items.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Color Coordination

I wanted to share a little advice about color coordination in any given room. Right now, a mixed and eclectic room is in. But you don't want to go over board and you also want to have a plan....a color plan, if you will. So in our master bedroom our color plan is love....jk....its navy, red, aqua, and a natural color for the walls. I used red in the lamp, pillows, and mirror...aqua in the bedspread, pictures, mirror, and the master bathroom...and navy in the sheets, rug, mirror, and the curtains (to come).
Okay, so I definitely didn't start with all these things, I collected over time. I want to stick to this color plan for a while, so I plan on doing updates as well, but I will still use the same color palette.

What are your opinions on this? What are your favorite color combinations?

Minnie and Dip got their portrait done-let me know if you want one for you sweet animal!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A little side tracked...I love RUFFLES!!!

Okay.....this is not interior design inspiration, but I just have to share my excitement about the new spring looks from J.Crew! We just got the new spring catalog and idea book and I really like it for several reasons. Ruffles, and ruffles, and...wait for know it, ruffles. We're layering them with long lightweight cardigans and slub cotton shirts (see below.) I LOVE the mix of dressy with casusal (ex. ruffle shirt, cardigan, black dress pants, and jack purcell shoes...and of course, necklaces!!!)
Check out the looks...also, I know what your thinking, JCrew is super pricey, so before you spend all your refund money on a shirt and a pair of skinny jeans, check out JCrew outlets, and they also have factory stores that offer great deals.
Sorry for the side track.....Hope you enjoy!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Im doing this because I love you....

This is what I said to my plants when I had to separate them from their tiny home. I got an assorted plant arrangement last year that had several plants growing in one clam shell planter. For a few months it was great, they were all happy and growing, but then as time wore on I knew that it was time to separate them. They needed more room! So if you have an arrangements like mine, a few months in the pot is fine, but after a while certain plants just need their space, or they'll go to pot. (Get it? haha.)
You have to be gentle because their roots can be intertwined and you dont want to damage them.

Here's the process-and stay close by because Monday and Tuesday I will be posting my floor painting project. Im SO excited!!

So-all the plants came from that one clam shell pot. Which gave me four new plants to use throughout the house!!

Two... and Three..
...and four!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Footstools are the new Pillow

Thats right I said it...footstools are the new pillow. Dont take me wrong I LOVE pillows and I always will. But how great are footstools? Theyre like a pillow but with feet. Ive been noticing them a lot lately on etsy, in stores and in magazines. So...on my recent visit to Griffin, I went to my favorite antique store and found one for $6 dollars. Cant beat it. Footstools are a great way to add in fun fabric that ties in with the rooms' color scheme, but is not so big that its overwhelming. It just gives that extra pop that may be missing in a room...and it will get noticed. So here is the process I took in recovering the footstool....its so easy (really Lindsey). Take a look.

Before.....Will wanted to keep the original fabric..pineapples, palmetto trees...South Carolina theme..get it? I just laughed.

Is it weird that after a long hard day all I want to do is drink a glass of wine and recover a footstool? HEY-its so easy that you can have a glass of wine in the process!

And done...

Tools you'll need-

1/2 yard of fabric-make it bold its better that way!

needle nose pliers (sp?)-if you have the nail head trim around the bottom


staple gun and staples

(Its like wrapping a present-but dont use tape that wont hold up so well!)

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Moss Trees

As I was walking around Pottery Barn a few weeks ago, I was observing the new country farm style and I noticed that moss is a pretty popular thing right now. Well, anything 'natural' like tree bark, wood, nests, moss, etc. I always love to shop and look through magazines for inspiration for new projects that I can do on my own. So...I figured out a way to make these cute little moss trees, and its very simple. I dont have pictures of the steps I made but here's how I did it:
Picked two straight tree branches and cut them the length I wanted
Stuck them in flower arrangement foam that I cut to fit 2 containers (make sure its sturdy)Bought moss from a local craft store and hot glued it to my medium sized stryofoam balls (from Walmart)
When the balls were covered completely with moss I stuck them on the branchs!

And done! Easy right? Anyone can do this!