Monday, February 22, 2010

Here's to you Spring

So-I spent my whole weekend (almost) working on a painting and it turned out horrible. My plans for a post on a new project will have to be postponed. But I did really really enjoy the weather. It made me so happy and excited about spring, and since I have no extra money in my budget for projects for this week (until I get payed on Thursday!) I have decided to dedicate this whole week to wonderful spring inspiration.

Spring deserves more than a week but each day this week I will bring new inspiration and ideas for projects and house decorations...inside and out. On Sunday Will and I sat on the back porch and drank coffee and talked about what we wanted to do in our backyard, so my mind has been on the yard and how exciting the outside can be in today's theme is 'outside' spring inspiration.

Also I have two reveals this weekend....our before and after of the master bathroom and a painted floor project in our front entryway.
Fill large clam shells with small topiary candles for a romatic evening on the porch (not near the shore? They sell these at craft stores!)

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