Saturday, February 13, 2010

Im doing this because I love you....

This is what I said to my plants when I had to separate them from their tiny home. I got an assorted plant arrangement last year that had several plants growing in one clam shell planter. For a few months it was great, they were all happy and growing, but then as time wore on I knew that it was time to separate them. They needed more room! So if you have an arrangements like mine, a few months in the pot is fine, but after a while certain plants just need their space, or they'll go to pot. (Get it? haha.)
You have to be gentle because their roots can be intertwined and you dont want to damage them.

Here's the process-and stay close by because Monday and Tuesday I will be posting my floor painting project. Im SO excited!!

So-all the plants came from that one clam shell pot. Which gave me four new plants to use throughout the house!!

Two... and Three..
...and four!

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