Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A little side tracked...I love RUFFLES!!!

Okay.....this is not interior design inspiration, but I just have to share my excitement about the new spring looks from J.Crew! We just got the new spring catalog and idea book and I really like it for several reasons. Ruffles, and ruffles, and...wait for it....you know it, ruffles. We're layering them with long lightweight cardigans and slub cotton shirts (see below.) I LOVE the mix of dressy with casusal (ex. ruffle shirt, cardigan, black dress pants, and jack purcell shoes...and of course, necklaces!!!)
Check out the looks...also, I know what your thinking, JCrew is super pricey, so before you spend all your refund money on a shirt and a pair of skinny jeans, check out JCrew outlets, and they also have factory stores that offer great deals.
Sorry for the side track.....Hope you enjoy!

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