Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Color Coordination

I wanted to share a little advice about color coordination in any given room. Right now, a mixed and eclectic room is in. But you don't want to go over board and you also want to have a plan....a color plan, if you will. So in our master bedroom our color plan is love....jk....its navy, red, aqua, and a natural color for the walls. I used red in the lamp, pillows, and mirror...aqua in the bedspread, pictures, mirror, and the master bathroom...and navy in the sheets, rug, mirror, and the curtains (to come).
Okay, so I definitely didn't start with all these things, I collected over time. I want to stick to this color plan for a while, so I plan on doing updates as well, but I will still use the same color palette.

What are your opinions on this? What are your favorite color combinations?

Minnie and Dip got their portrait done-let me know if you want one for you sweet animal!

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E said...

UM... excuse me. I want one of those pictures of Addy. SERIOUSLY. And, I probably want to order one for my mom for mother's day of her cats. What do you charge?