Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Footstools are the new Pillow

Thats right I said it...footstools are the new pillow. Dont take me wrong I LOVE pillows and I always will. But how great are footstools? Theyre like a pillow but with feet. Ive been noticing them a lot lately on etsy, in stores and in magazines. So...on my recent visit to Griffin, I went to my favorite antique store and found one for $6 dollars. Cant beat it. Footstools are a great way to add in fun fabric that ties in with the rooms' color scheme, but is not so big that its overwhelming. It just gives that extra pop that may be missing in a room...and it will get noticed. So here is the process I took in recovering the footstool....its so easy (really Lindsey). Take a look.

Before.....Will wanted to keep the original fabric..pineapples, palmetto trees...South Carolina theme..get it? I just laughed.

Is it weird that after a long hard day all I want to do is drink a glass of wine and recover a footstool? HEY-its so easy that you can have a glass of wine in the process!

And done...

Tools you'll need-

1/2 yard of fabric-make it bold its better that way!

needle nose pliers (sp?)-if you have the nail head trim around the bottom


staple gun and staples

(Its like wrapping a present-but dont use tape that wont hold up so well!)


E said...

Hi Miss Creative/Talented. I LOVE your footstool. Feel free to make me one. :)

In other news, I gave you a BLOG AWARD today on my blog. Go check it out!!

Love you!

Julie Lortz said...

you are absolutely AMAZING!! i love that you love this stuff so much. you have certainly found your calling. miss you!!!!!

Marcene Balderas said...

Nicole, you are just absolutely amazing! Your footstool looks a bit odd with the round legs but it’s very cute. I liked the footstool’s original fabric, but the new fabric is just as good!

Marcene Balderas