Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Ode to summer

We all may be getting a little tired of this hot weather and looking expectantly to the new season, but I think we should take a moment and reflect on all the great things that happened in the summer of 2010. (Can I just share...there is a video of my husband when he was maybe 3 and he's walking around outside, and he looks up and says "Lets just take a moment and refwect on the twees." HA! Every time I say 'reflect' I think about that! So cute.)

This is a short and sweet post because I am STILL at school and I promised I would leave by 4. (You may be thinking its ONLY 4, but I've been here since 7 and I'm getting a little antsy)

Enjoy these last few weeks of warm weather, soak in the sun, drive with the windows down, take long walks outside, and refwect on the twees!

*Images courtesy of Eddie Ross, Lonny Mag, and Laura Day Living


knack said...

love that big black distressed piece and the pops of pink in the room! so great!


Jen said...

Look at that gorgeous red feather wreath... I want it!!!

shopgirl said...

These are really inspiring rooms! Love the yellow and bright splashes of colour!

Rambles with Reese

Ms. Bright said...

Look at your new header!!!!

These are great pics!

P.S. I gave you an award, but it won't post until tomorrow morning!

The Zhush said...

Eddie Ross, Laura Day and Lonny all in one post?!
Yeah, its safe to say I will be back!!!