Monday, September 20, 2010

Monday Moods

Hey friends... so here's something new for ya'll, Monday Moods. I'm sure a lot, if not all of us start the week off in a certain mood. Sometimes it's good, sometimes not so much. On this monday I am feeling VERY envious, hence my green room below. Who am I envious of? Well, I'll be honest it's all those lucky bloggers that are going to see the Nate Berkus show together! How fun, not only to see Nate Berkus, but to be together with amazing design bloggers, seeing each others faces, going to Camilla's for drinks after the show, oh it goes on and on. And I am jealous.  

I've found some beautiful green inspiration for ya'll today.

*images courtesy of decor8

How are ya'll feeling this Monday? 


Meg & Tim said...

I'm feeling... behind. After a fun wknd w/ my mom and visitors today I haven't done ANY school work, and now i'm checking out your blog instead of doing work. =)

Raina Cox said...

Better now - green is my favorite color.

Design Blooms said...

ha! Meg you sweet thing. Im glad your family got to visit. Thank you for looking at my blog.
Hey Raina-this one was for you!

Anonymous said...

Very nice blog.
Kisses from Croatia.

Zondra Art