Monday, September 27, 2010

Monday Moods's a heavy one today ya'll, maybe it's the rain, maybe the side of the bed that I woke up on, I dont really know, so the color I'm choosing is gray. Gray is really a beautiful color...I love how people are using it in their homes. I love that there's an entire blog devoted to gray, called a Perfect Gray.

Im almost done with my stencil project aaannnnnddd tomorrow after school I'm going to finalize my friend's pink kitchen and take photos (I had a few girls get on to me this weekend about not showing the after pictures!) Just a few things to stick around for this week.

Hope I didn't bring you down!

Images courtesy of A Collage a Day, Greige Design , and Decor8 


A Perfect Gray said...

woohoo! gray all the way! thanks so much for the link, babe.

checked out your stencil in the previous post...can't wait to see the final project!

Shorely Chic said...

I love A Perfect Gray - who would have thought you could have such a fabulous blog all about gray!

Thanks for coming by Shorely Chic today - love your blog and will add you to my blog roll!

Vintage Home said...

Wow...Thanks for dropping by!...Your blog is full of exciting stuff!..looking forward to the reveal!

Meet Vanessa said...

I'm a big fan of A Perfect Gray too! Thanks for stopping by and I am excited to check out your blog!


Bromeliad said...

I love gray and A Perfect Gray.

dulci said...

love this! my bedroom is grey and it's so peaceful :)