Thursday, September 2, 2010

Blog Love's: 80th Post!

YAY! This will be my 80th post!! Not really a big deal, just wanted something to celebrate. Thank you to my 41 followers for finding an interest here and for your encouragment along the way. As you know, I am an art teacher so my time is split between school and my two other passions, interior design and blogging. I want this to be a source for unique and inspiring ideas, diy projects, new and upcoming blogs and online shops, and eventually providing interior design consultations. I'm chugging along...slowly, but you will see some major changes in the next few months, that I'm SO excited about.
If you have advice for me or just would like to see certain things here at Design Blooms that's not being offered, please let me know. Your input is very important to me!

Thursday's are "Blog Love's" days. I will share a collection of inspiring items that I've found scattered around the blog world, that need to be shared. Here are the first 7....


2. & 4. Amy Atlas, Dessert Features
3. & 7. Fey Handmade, Mason lights and planters
5. Knack Studios, Stencil Tricks (featured on design*sponge)
6. Pink Wallpaper, Single pompom necklace from Vamoose
It's almost FRIDAY!!!!!!! Any Tiger fans out there?!


Julie Holloway said...

How cute is your blog??! I am a GA girl, too, and my sister teaches art. I bet your classroom looks amazing...

Ms. Bright said...

Today's post should answer your questions...and THANKS!!!!! You grabbed my button!


Design Blooms said...

Thanks Julie! I try to keep my room looking good, it is a challenge though!

Will @ Bright.Bazaar said...

How exciting to discover your blog! Thank you for sigining up as a follower to mine, I shall we doing the same for yours right away. I really like the inspiration boards you have put together. Congratualtions on your 80th post!