Monday, November 14, 2011

Color Moods: Aqua and Red..a true love story!

Aqua and red are two colors that LOVE to be together! In fact my master bedroom was completely inspired by this first room from House Beautiful. These two colors when paired with a neutral background create such a romantic and inviting environment. I've also brought in white and yellow, these two work great with aqua and red. 

Pinterest via Jenny Blackbird

That makes me want to curl up and take a good looonng nap, actually anything at 7:30 am on Monday makes me want to curl up and sleep!!!

Let me know what your thinking about this color combo..and what other colors do you think would match up well with red and aqua?


Kim@Chattafabulous said...

When I was at Home Depot this weekend I saw some ornaments by Martha Stewart that were a mix of turquoise red and silver. Just gorgeous!

Carla said...

Oh you are so right. Blue and red forever. Such a refreshing combination. Carla

Holly said...

I love the bedroom with the pom fringe on the linens. I love this combo too. I might add in a little yellow or orange depending upon what room I was using it in.

ms.composure said...

very cute! i def love this color combo together