Monday, October 31, 2011

Color Moods:Wood series

Yawn...wood? Really? Really, because when you pair wood with colors (the right colors) you get some amazing combination. A room can really come to life.
Do you want to make orange feel really good about itself? Put it next to some natural wood, and some white, and you'll have yourself some orange that's bursting with confidence! I've also noticed that wood really is making a come back (or did it ever really leave?), from floors, to ceilings, and furniture.
Now I don't mean orange walls, wood floors and furniture...You can have blue or neutral colored walls, and carpeted or tiled floors, but then you can bring in wood assecories or furniture and toss in a few orange accents.

I know there's no clear wood tones or a lot of white, but this one was just too great not to include!

See? Just toss in a little orange!

HGTV Dream Home via My Design Dump

Would love to hear your opinions on this!


Holly said...

I love orange and I've always loved wood accents. They can so easily switch looks depending upon the colors, accessories, or fabrics that you pair with the wood accents. Love that last image!

The DIY Show Off said...

I'm not really a fan of orange - until our recent guest makeover. No wood tones in that room but I know when the day comes to redo the floor...there will be and I'll still love the color scheme! :)

Erin (Out on a Limb) said...

I just found your via your comment on Emily A. Clark's post. I am a huge lover of orange. I have it scattered throughout my living room and kitchen and just painted my front door BM's Jack-o-Lantern. Thanks for the lovely eye-candy. It really does bring a room to life. Love that gorgeous Ikat settee...

Tom said...

Orange gives warmth to any home.

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