Sunday, October 30, 2011

Designer Spotlight

Let's get this Sunday started off with a lovely designer spotlight. I really like finding designers that truly inspire me, they give me ideas, and basically create rooms that are just nice to look at!  
I came across Katie of Katie Dunham Interiors. Take a look for yourself, then I will share with you what I like about her work.

You may ask, how can I make something like this in my home? Easy, here's what you do: spend a little time on CraigsList, it may take a while to find the perfect chairs, but keep looking. Once you find them, sand them down and paint them the color you want, then sand them again to give them the "old weathered" look. And for the the table...if your thrifty and DIY savvy, check out this idea, for the base, and for the table top, I think glass or a high gloss painted wood might look great!

I have to get my hands on one of those driftwood spheres!!

Those lights are amazing! I think bringing in a variety of lighting adds so much more interest to a space!

I like the four small pendant lights over the island. I'm sure this adds a better dimension of lighting instead of just one spotlight in the middle. 

Check out the shelving over the windows. I love this and instead of using glass cabinets or a china cabinet, the shelves are easy to do, and bring your eyes up, adding height. 
I just wouldn't add anything too dark, stick with white or clear glassware. 

Also, there's no room for overhead lights over the sink, so she added lights on the side of the windows. 

What else do you see about her design work that's inspiring?


The Tiny Abode said...

Boy do I love a white kitchen! I totally agree with you about using white or clear glassware above the windows... wouldn't want it to get to stuffy. I also love that Katie used a wood base for the island. Every space needs a touch of mother earth. Great space!

Tereza said...

such beautiful designs!!

Holly said...

The lighting, the lighting! All of the light fixtures are really fantastic - that seems to be her signature at least from what I see in most of these spaces. That kitchen is gorgeous - thanks for the intro do this talented designer.

Bromeliad said...

Lovely rooms. I think West Elm has those spheres (Or used to.)

The DIY Show Off said...

Beautiful. The kitchen is definitely an inspiration. Our kitchen island is going to be a DIY project, love collecting ideas! ;)