Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Love Story: Two wingbacks and a table

We recently recieved two wing back chairs from my husband's grandmother after she passed away. I planned on reupholstering them and putting them in the typical place..the living room. Then I started doing a little hunting, and have truely fallen in love with wing back chairs at the dining room table! I always wanted two cozy chairs for the ends of our table, and now I have a plan...here's my inspiration...

 via Marley and Lockyer

Is this from Lonny? Someone help, I found it from Pinterest.

via the amazingly talented Three Men and a Lady (I think I will go with the slipcovered look, but with orange cording!)

via Apartment Therapy 
Also really like the nailhead trim..hmmmm.

I know this one was passed around a lot recently, but man I like those stripes!
via Martha Stewart

My dining room is my next summer project, unless a baby decides to show up..then it will be a nursery!


Amy R. said...

I am a fan of the wingbacks on the ends of the tables. I am working on our dining room and I am placing two different chairs at the ends of our table.

A Perfect Gray said...

yes! I want wingbacks in the diningroom, too!

Janis@ Home Style said...

I LOVE wingbacks in the dining room, I bought 2 thinking I would use them there, but my room wasn't big enough and now they live in our family room....poor me.

hollyG said...

I love all of those images - especially the first and the last with the stripes. Have fun and will be interested to see what you do w/ your chairs.

Kim@Chattafabulous said...

I have a pair myself I just picked up while thrifting. I may just use them as host/hostess chairs in my own dining room. Great inspiration!

Becky D @ Kings Down Road said...

goodness - I love that stripe one, too!!