Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Bring in the Bold:Color Moods!

Oh gosh people, I am sorry. I just have had the hardest time posting lately. I haven't had anything exciting happening in my home, and I haven't seen anything really inspiring and exciting to share (I haven't been looking, I've been busy away from the computer, honestly). I needed something to shake me out of this dreary coma I've been in. Possibly a good shock of bold color in my face would do the trick?

vis Art and Print Pinterest

via Roost-Home

via 7th House on the Left

I'm beginning to feel more alive!


christine {bijouandboheme} said...

I'm in love with bold colours lately- lovely post!!

Bromeliad said...


Glad to hear someone else is too busy to blog like they'd like to.

hollyG said...

I love that Design Sponge image!!

Becky D @ Kings Down Road said...

Wow - check out that tile floor!

thanks for stopping by yesterday!! :)

The Vintique Object said...

Holy moly! The tile floor, the chandelier! Two of the best things I've seen in awhile. Gorgeous post.

Ann Brauer said...

Thanks for such a wonderful post. Color is so essential. I did have to reference it in my latest blog post on the importance of color.