Monday, April 4, 2011

It's a beautiful world out there...

I love how artists capture what they see and interpret onto canvas. Painting is a passion of mine as well, but I don't get to do it often enough. I have a few of my pieces throughout my home, I believe it adds such a richness when there's artwork in a room. 

Just like anything else online, you have to weed through A LOT of artwork to find the gems. I found a few that I thought you all would like from Etsy. If you haven't added original paintings, watercolors, or drawings to your home collection, I would definitely suggest it!

These first four are from the seller, maechevrette.

These two ocean scenes are from the seller, wickstromstudio. 

From the seller, MattLeBlancArt

Seller, Jolinaanthony

If you ever feel overwhelmed or don't even know where to start in finding art for your home, just contact me, I would love to help!


Bromeliad said...

Love that first one.

Marika said...

These are really beautiful.

MEGMAC said...


Andrea said...

I love them all, especially "Night Swimming".

Kandice said...

yep. loving all of this too.

i was meant to happen upon your blog <3